The Passion of the Peruvian Horse


Railview Peruvians' Stallion- Comandante EC+

Legacy in the making

Railview Peruvians is located in the heart of the beautiful Minnesota River Valley, just outside of Mankato, Minnesota, USA.  It was established in 1996 and has been a serious breeder of Peruvian Horses ever since.  It is the home of many regional and national champion Peruvian Horses.

Railview Peruvians specializes in diversity.  The Peruvian Horse is a magnificent animal and we believe that all elements can be embraced.  Therefore, our horses are experienced trail horses, show horses and some of them are even used for Hippo Therapy, or therapy on horseback. 

Because Railview Peruvians is a small breeding farm, each and every breeding is intensely thought out so we can breed for temperament, gait, strength and beauty.  We take great pride in the horses we produce, train and sell.  Also, if we don't have the Peruvian Horse you are looking for, we still would love to meet you and give you a proper Peruvian Horse experience.  We have an extensive network from where we can assist you in finding the Peruvian Horse that is perfect for you!  Please don't hesitate to contact us for any of your Peruvian Horse needs.