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Comandante EC +

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Stud Fee: $1,000, LFG, Shipped Semen Available

Proven talent and disposition

Comandante EC+ is the reigning 2014 U.S. National Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Stallion and is Laureado!!!  That means that he has won the title three times and is retired from that division at the national level; it is also why he has earned a "+" behind his name. You can see the rest of his impressive show career in the Accomplishments page.

His noble temperament, natural smooth gait, and elegant way of moving are just a few of the reasons Comandante EC+ caught our eye.  As impressed as we were with his show record since winning Best Bozal Horse of the National Show in 2008, we were equally impressed with the consistency at which his parents produced quality horses.

We are a boutique, family-run horse ranch so temperament and personality are equally important as him having the qualities of a breeding stallion.  He carries himself like a stallion and allows Chris and Aura's 3-year-old daughter to give him kisses- true brio!

As you can see from his pictures, he is elegant and arrogant, well conformed and striking to look at!  What you can't see from just a picture is that he has a temperament that is truly desirable to pass to his offspring.  He has true brio.  Comandante exemplifies versatility! Whether he is in the show ring, on the trail, or performing in the Amigos de los Pasos Drill Team, Comandante EC+ does everything with excellence and elegance!

Have you been looking to breed your quality mare but don’t know which stallion to use? We are particular with our breeding program and you can expect we will be honest for yours as well.  If you send us pictures and video of your mare, we will tell you whether Comandante would be a terrific cross for her.  It is our goal always to improve the Peruvian Horse Breed.  If we don't feel Comandante EC+ is a terrific cross for your mare, if you wish, we can help you find a stallion that is!

 Railview Peruvians presents your opportunity to breed to not only a Laureado U.S. Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Stallion but also a multiple Champion of Champion Breeding Stallion.

If that isn’t enough...Comandante has royal bloodlines made up of multiple champions!!!

Contact Railview Peruvians today to find out how this magnificent stallion can fit into your breeding program!  

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